School Policies

The goal of The Warehouse – School of Music RPC is to provide quality music services in a personal and professional manner. These services include Comprehensive Guitar, Bass, Keyboard/Piano, Drums, Percussion, D-J, Flute, Oboe, Ukulele and Vocal Instruction in all styles of music. The following policies have been developed to make the learning experience more effective and enjoyable for students of The Warehouse.


Performance Opportunities

Performing in front of an audience is a crucial aspect of any music trade. Live performances give the student “real world” experience as well as unique insight and confidence in performing. We offer live musical performances throughout the year that students may choose to participate in. Recitals will be held twice a year. Typically these will fall approximately six months apart from each other. We will also hold concerts for our more accomplished and seasoned students. Typically these will fall approximately six months apart from each other. The instructors play with the students on a live stage in front of large audiences. This is a very unique experience as we incorporate a full band with the student on their chosen instrument. The concerts are held in a public forum where everyone can come and watch the performance. The instructors will work with the students on an individual basis in order to decide if that student is ready for a public performance. Both recitals and concerts are at no additional cost to the student.


Lessons must be paid for at the time service is provided. The Warehouse charges on a per lesson basis for the month. The total monthly fee will be collected at the first lesson of the month.* The monthly charge will vary given the number of lesson days in a particular month, e.g., generally there are four Tuesdays in a month, but some months in the year may contain five. In that month you will be billed for five lessons due on the first lesson of the month.

First time and returning students (after a 90 day absence period) must register online on our website There is a $75 registration fee due at the time of registration. We offer an ongoing Registration Fee Special. That is, if you choose to pay for the first 3 months of lesson at the time of your first lesson, we apply the registration fee to your total. This equates to 3 (three) free lessons.

We include the current month and the next 2 months when figuring out what is owed at the first lesson time for new and returning students.

The school is one of our church’s missions and is a non-profit organization, so we ask that all checks be made payable to “The Warehouse RPC”. All funds will go directly into the operations and expenses of running the school.

We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If you are a parent or guardian and do not wish to accompany your student to the lesson, please ensure that they have payment with them or feel free to come in when it is convenient for you.

Late Fees

The Warehouse – School of Music adheres to a prepayment policy. Meaning, it is necessary for all student’s invoices to be paid in advance for the current month at the first lesson of the month. In order to ensure that payments are current for all students and invoices paid in a timely manner there is a late fee for payment of past due invoices. A $20 charge will be applied to all unpaid invoices on the 15th of each month.



Lessons are taught on a weekly basis. If a cancellation is necessary, we ask that you notify your instructor at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time. If we receive notice of your cancellation less than 24 hours before your scheduled lesson time you will not be entitled to a makeup lesson. This means that the lesson and lesson cost will be forfeited.

Please make cancellations by phone or text as it is not always possible to check email throughout the day. When possible, your instructor will work with you to schedule a makeup lesson. All other makeup lessons will be considered on a case by case basis. Makeup lessons need to be taken within four weeks of the missed lesson. Students will be allowed 2 makeup lessons at any given time (instructor cancellations notwithstanding). Upon the third instance, where the student still has to makeup 2 lessons, that lesson will be forfeited. When a makeup lesson has been completed then we will strike that makeup from the books and you will be allowed to accrue another makeup lesson. We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to makeup lessons but keep in mind that scheduling makeup lessons may also affect other students and instructors. If a student does not contact us with their absence beforehand and does not show up for a lesson, that lesson will be forfeited. In addition, if a makeup lesson is scheduled and then missed without notice, that makeup lesson will be forfeited.

Your instructor will wait up to 15 minutes after your scheduled lesson time for you to arrive. After that, the lesson will be canceled, as it is very difficult to deliver an effective lesson in that amount of time. While we strive to always run on schedule, we understand that art cannot be rushed. Occasionally, lessons might run over by a few minutes if that is what it takes to ensure thorough coverage of a subject with a student.

Rarely your instructor may need to cancel lessons for reasons beyond their control. Just as we try to accommodate your unforeseen cancelations, we ask for your understanding with theirs. That said, we will make every attempt to find a replacement instructor so that you may stay on your current schedule. If a replacement instructor cannot be found then you are entitled to a makeup lesson. As stated above, makeup lessons need to be taken within four weeks of the missed lesson. Makeup lessons must be scheduled through your instructor at a time that works for both yourself and the instructor. For example, you both may choose to schedule a lesson on a different day and time or the same day but a different time. It is also possible to schedule a makeup lesson before or after your regular lesson time, thereby giving you an hour lesson for that day. If a makeup lesson is scheduled and missed, that lesson is then forfeited.


We understand that students and parents of students have a vested interest in their progress. Your instructor will be happy to communicate through email, telephone, or a scheduled appointment outside the regular lesson to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your or your child’s progress. However, we require that friends, parents, and other family members wait outside the classroom during lessons. The presence of another individual can be very distracting to both the student and the instructor. For your convenience, waiting areas are provided outside the classroom.

Returning Students

Sometimes it is necessary for a student to discontinue lessons for an extended period of time due to a change in your circumstances. If you return to your lessons after being absent for less than 90 days, you may contact The Warehouse – School of Music and we will get you back on the schedule for a time that works for both yourself and the instructor. If you are absent for longer than 90 days, you must register online again. You will be responsible for the registration fee when you sign back up. We will still have our Registration Special available to you. The Registration Special is as follows: when you pay for the first 3 months of lessons at your first lesson time then your registration fee is applied to that cost.


The Warehouse – School of Music has implemented varying specials to help offset the overall cost lessons. The ongoing specials are as follows:

Registration Fee Special

The Registration Fee Special is applicable to all new and returning students (after a 90 day absence period). That is, if you pay for the first 3 (three) months of lessons at the first lesson then we will apply your registration fee to your total. Giving you the equivalent of 3 (three) free lessons.

Season of Rock Special

The Season of Rock Special is applicable to all current students. That is, if you pay for 3 (three) months of lessons at the beginning (first lesson time of the month) of any given month then you are entitled to a 10% discount for that 3 (three) month period.

Family Band Special

The Famliy Band Special is applicable to all current students who are related by immediate family. That is, when the first member of the family has paid full price for their lessons, each subsequent family member is entitled to a 5% discount on all their lessons. Immediate family is defined ONLY as being by the familial bonds (as viewed by law) of father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister.

The Warehouse Closings

The Warehouse – School of Music will be closed on certain days throughout the year so that our instructors and students may spend time with their families. The holidays that we recognize are; Fort Bend ISD Spring Break, Good Friday/Easter Saturday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Wed-Sat), Labor Day, and Christmas/New Years (2 weeks).

    In times of inclement weather, our schedule will follow the closures of Fort Bend ISD. In other words, if Fort Bend ISD is closed for the day, we will be closed as well. If a natural disaster occurs when school is not in session, we will contact you via email to alert you of the school’s closing. Please be mindful of this in times of inclement weather (hurricane season, winter, etc.). We want all of our students to stay safe and everyone to return to their families to show them what they have learned.