2019 Upcoming Important Dates

We have some exciting events planned for this year! Take a look and mark your calendars!

  • March 30th & 31st; Spring Recitals
    • Saturday:
      • 11:00am Piano/Violin: Quentin, Mark, Chris
      • 12:30pm Vocal
      • 2:00pm Guitar
    • Sunday:
      • 3:00pm Drums
      • 4:30pm Piano: Rick, Lauren, Rachel
    • All recitals will be in the High School room of the Student Building.
    • The dress code is Smart Casual: jeans (without holes), slacks, skirts, dresses, and button-downs are acceptable; no t-shirts, tank tops, gym shorts, or tennis shoes.
  • June 2nd-23rd; 3:00pm Guitar 101
    • Guitar 101 is a group lesson series that teaches the basics of guitar. You receive a free acoustic electric guitar and four (4) consecutive lessons lasting one (1) hour each, as well as instructions to string, tune, and play the guitar. By the conclusion of the course, you will have learned everything you need to play at least 3 songs. For more information and registration, click here.
  • June 14th; 7:00pm Rehearsals for the Summer Concert begin
    • Rehearsals for the Summer Concert will be on Fridays beginning June 14th from 7:00pm-9:00pm. The first rehearsal for the Summer Concert is for everyone and will be a team building rehearsal for the bandmates to get to know each other. The following rehearsals for the concert will be conducted in an alternating pattern with Bands 1, 2, & 3 practicing on June 21st & July 5th, and Bands 4, 5, & 6 practicing on June 28th & July 12th. Bands 1 & 4 will begin rehearsing at 7:00pm, bands 2 & 5 at 7:40pm, and bands 3 & 6 at 8:20pm.
  • July 19th; 7:00pm Summer Concert Dress Rehearsal
    • Attendance at the dress rehearsal is required. In this rehearsal, we will run through the entire concert from beginning to end. This is the last chance to go over any rough spots and iron out the finer points.
  • July 20th; Summer Concert
    • Concert name & time: TBD
    • Attire is casual with the concert t-shirt
  • July 22nd-26th; Summer Camp
    • Summer Camp times: TBD
    • Click here for registration and more information.
  • September 21st & 22nd; Fall Recitals
  • November 1st; 7:00pm Rehearsals for the Christmas Concert begin
  • December 12th; 7:00pm Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal
  • December 13th; TBD Christmas Concert


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