2019 Holidays/Closures

The Warehouse School of Music will be closed ONLY on the following days for 2019:

  • January 1st-5th; New Years
  • March 11th-16th; Spring Break
  • April 19th & 20th; Good Friday/Easter
  • May 27th; Memorial Day
  • July 4th; Independence Day
  • September 2nd; Labor Day
  • September 27th; Ft. Bend County Fair Day
  • October 31st; Halloween
  • November 27th-30th; Thanksgiving
  • December 21st-31st; Christmas

If a cancellation is necessary, we ask that you notify your instructor at least twenty four (24) hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time. If we receive notice of your cancellation less than 24 hours before your scheduled lesson time you will not be entitled to a makeup lesson. This means that the lesson and lesson cost will be forfeited.

Cancellations can be made through the “I’ll Be Absent” tab at the top of this page, by calling (281) 277-6767 ext. 104, or by texting the instructor directly. Makeup lessons need to be taken within four (4) weeks of the missed lesson. Students will be allowed two (2) makeup lessons at any given time (instructor cancellations notwithstanding). Upon the third instance, where the student still has to makeup 2 lessons, that lesson will be forfeited. When a makeup lesson has been completed then we will strike that makeup from the books and you will be allowed to accrue another makeup lesson. If a student does not contact us with their absence beforehand and does not show up for a lesson, that lesson will be forfeited. In addition, if a makeup lesson is scheduled and then missed without notice, that makeup lesson will be forfeited.

Your instructor will wait up to fifteen (15) minutes after your scheduled lesson time for you to arrive. After that time, the lesson will be canceled.

In rare cases of an instructor absence, we will make every attempt to find a replacement instructor so that you may stay on your current schedule. If a replacement instructor cannot be found then you are entitled to a makeup lesson. As stated above, makeup lessons need to be taken within four (4) weeks of the missed lesson.

In times of inclement weather, our schedule will follow the closures of the Lamar Consolidated ISD. In other words, if the LCISD is closed for the day, we will be closed as well. If a natural disaster occurs when school is not in session, we will contact you via email to alert you of the school’s closing. In these cases, the missed lesson will be credited to your account. No makeup lesson will be required. As always, please use your best judgement in terms of weather. If we remain open, but the weather is too precarious to travel through to reach us, please call at (281) 277-6767 ext. 104 and we will schedule a makeup lesson for that day.

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